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Friday, 1 April 2011

Initial kit ordered!

Just to say, I’ve ordered the bodyshell and the first couple of stages for the build, which means also having chosen the colour as well – that was a hard task! Will post more up here when I get used to using this blog and have a little more time. At the moment, I’m due to pick up the shell around the end of April. That’s when divorce proceedings will start as that’s the time I spend a little more time in the garage.

Where am I building it? Well…I’ve built a little shed for it. Will put more info and maybe even a picture of it (boring!). Just need to finish it off before I pick the GD up. Need to complete the electrics for it, and also finish insulating it. More later. Will also need to post up why I chose a GD from all the others out there.


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